Thursday, April 15, 2010

" Don't Tell me that it's over" by Amy McDonald - Scotland

Amy McDonald is not in the music scene in the US, but her new album is at the top of the euro charts. I really like her style.
Her sophmore album came out earlier this year.
Artist Amy McDonald
Album This is the Life & A Curious thing
You might like her if you like The cranberries, garbage mostly. That's what she's been compared to.
Her first CD was written when she was 15 in High School and produced last year.
It's very mellow and features her songs and guitars and is very peaceful. She has gained a lot of her sucess because of her everyday lyrics.

Songs All of them.
Don't tell me that it's over
Let's start a band
Youth of Today
This is the life
.. seriously look her up.
Don't Tell me that it's over - From the album This is the Life

Run - From the album A curious thing

" The Show" by Lenka - Australia

I heard this song and fell in love with Lenka. She's a great artist from Australia.

Album: Lenka
You'll like her if you like: Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, Amy Mcdonald, Mindy Gledhill,Elisa, Jack Johnson. You get the idea.
She came out in the US around 2008. I really like her style, she's fun and chill. Her lyrics are great. I like the themes of her songs.
I really like all of her album. Other songs you should check out by Lenka are
" Trouble is a friend"
" Let me fall"
" Live like your're dying"
"Dangerous and Sweet"
" We will not grow old"
"Like a Song"

Just listen to her whole album!

Music you should know

I am going to be posting songs that I really enjoy that I want people to know about.
Knowing me... it's going to be music in different genres and from different countries.